RDK Interactive is a full service technology and media design firm specializing in commercial solutions that work - simple, elegant, and functional. RDK Interactive takes a different approach when building the ideal solution for our approach that combines technology, strategy, and design to deliver not only the most effective solution, but most importantly, a solution that works.

As a full-service technology firm, RDK Interactive has built and redesigned many high-end applications and web sites for our clients not only to improve the appearance and design, but also to simply make the solution work better, easier, and more efficiently. Our solutions extend from commercial Intranet applications, to CRM and CMS solutions, while our design division delivers full-scale television, animation and video productions for our clientele.

The real value in technology is not simply having it, but utilizing it correctly. To do that takes more than hardware and software -- it takes experience, creativity, and a complete understanding of what you are looking to accomplish. By looking outside the "obvious" or "generic" solution, your firm will benefit from the best solution available -- and often one that costs less and is delivered faster than ever expected.

For more information on how RDK can take your firm's core online offerings to the next level or simply talk through a free consultative review of your current interactive positioning, please touch base.
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