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What does RDK Interactive do?

We get this question all the time, so this is the most common question one will ask us -- but within minutes, the real question ends up being:

What can RDK Interactive do for my company?

The simple answer is that when it comes to online solutions and anything related to the Internet and web development, strategy, design and production -- we do it. But, quite honestly, the only answer that matters to you, as one of the people driving the future of your company, is what we can do for you...and that answer requires RDK to quickly become your sounding board, partner, strategist and devil's advocate -- all at the same time. Technology is not a solution, it's a tool -- and RDK Interactive's job is to learn your business (as well as your field of competition), your goals, and requirements en route to getting started on the optimal solution that will turn your ROI into not only dramatic revenue increases, but expand on efficiency, customer service, branding -- you name it -- but it all depends on what goes into a solution in order to get the best out of it.


Why should we partner with RDK?

We use the term "partner" here because that's what RDK Interactive becomes to our clients. Why do so many IT development projects fail?...even core web sites that would seemingly not be complex at all? Because the solution is not about the technology, it's about the people, personalities and skill-sets involved. It's all about facets and the different moving parts (and that includes people) involved -- and it's about experience. Most of our clients will tell us that they don't know much about technology and what questions to ask or "what's possible" -- you partner with RDK because we not only deliver, but we educate and allow you to become a key player in the process. Without you involved, the solutions will never prosper as well as they could -- and RDK's job is to enlighten the process so the partnership yields literally staggering results for our clients.


How do we know we're getting the best solution possible for the money?

You should get to know that answer from day 1 of meeting RDK and discussing your needs and interests -- all before you drop a dime out of your pocket. As the process continues, and even when you review our detailed proposal process, you will know from pre through to post, what you're getting. When it comes to any IT project, you should gain confidence as the process continues (although with many vendors other than RDK, this is unfortunately not the case) and the excitement continues to build as you see, feel and touch the solution being developed. IT solutions can be a dangerous process because most people don't understand the process nor the technology -- and often vendors over-promise and under-deliver. So even if you just want to sit with RDK and make sure someone "has your back", feel free to get in touch with us.


Where do we start?

You need a solution "yesterday" -- even if you don't know what that solution is yet. You start by doing what you're doing -- research and investigation. Start by not only learning what the process will entail (if done correctly), but also start to gather your data in-house while also pulling your staff and management together to hear them out. Many of the best ideas always come from or are spurred from inside people -- especially those that are in the trenches day in and day out. Interview different vendors and feel free to contact RDK. We will warn ya that often you'll have a lot of work to bring to the table when it comes to doing this stuff the right way -- any vendor who tells you, "we'll take care of everything", is a vendor that should put you on alert -- because the best solutions require the partnership within the process in order to yield the optimal results.
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