Our clients range from emerging start-ups to corporations such as Comcast, Merck, The Wharton School and Pitney Bowes. Whether you need a complete Internet solution with full-scale CMS back-end, high-end DVD production or Flash deliverable to impress your audience and deliver your message, consider partnering with RDK to create a truly powerful and compelling solution for your firm.

Our award winning solutions, such as delivering the Webby Award for our PBS Sprout client, center around a full-scale solution that begins before a single line of code is written or any early pencil sketches are drawn. Our process always begins with a review and analysis of what will yield the best solution based on our client's requirements. These requirements often span across many different divisions within an organization as well as across different locations around the world.

For a complete list of our clientele as well as sampling of our portfolio, please contact us at your convenience.
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