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01 The Creative Storm

Start-up? Seasoned business? Conceptualizing or "dreaming up" new ideas plus those that will be effective is more than a skill. It's an art form.

02 The Opportunities

From raw, instinctive ideas (and dreams) comes opportunity. Presented as options. Refined to be directives. Carried out and applied toward deployment.

03 The Solution

A solution is clarity (hopefully). A road map, if you will. What will be created, developed, built and brought to life. A website, mobile application, business strategy or all of the above.

04 The Platform

In the vapor there will be platforms. WordPress. Dot Net. PHP. Rails. SQL Server. Oracle. SAP. MySQL. NoSQL. Woo. Shopify. BigCommerce. Hadoop. And more. They secure, deliver, expose, drive, run and fall -- and they all wait to deliver for you.

05 Delivery

What is seen, used and welcomed by your customers, clients, staff, investors and the list goes on. Thumbs may lift up or criticism may ensue. This is what becomes real. Living, breathing, growing and beautifully tangible.


Everyone needs something (even if tough to admit it). If unsure exactly what it is, touch base for a quick website review or tech assessment...

About RDK

RDK Interactive specializes in website design, web and mobile app development, business strategy, start-up guidance, online marketing, SEO / SEM / PPC, creative design and a wide scope of IT services, all based on our uncommon ``creative-conceptual`` approach.

Website Development

Web development often falls under the moniker, ``Website Design`` -- best to make sure you get it done right (and not by your neighbor's kid and their dog).

Responsive Design

Look at your website on your phone then look in the mirror -- or ask Google. Responsive website design -- don't ignore it.

Mobile Apps

Need One? Want one? Or just love'm? Mobile app development ain't as easy as it looks (to do it right).

24x7 Involvement

Doesn't make for much of a social life but client support means everything (especially if you're the client)

What we do

RDK Interactive specializes in web application development, website design, online business strategy, creative along with guerrilla marketing and a wide scope of IT services. Passing 25 years in business and still lovin' this game.

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Your business is an existence. RDK Interactive imagines, expands, develops and opens up the walls of prior limitations and fear. From business plan to technical specifications to financing -- a venture is your venture...with us.


Which technologies should be utilized? What are the risks? What platforms? Analytics in place? SEO? SEM? Ecommerce? Does this list ever end?


UI, UX, UIX (for realz?) How important is the user interface? The user experience? Responsive Design? Adaptive Design? Progressive Web Apps? What's the presentation layer? "Does it look awesome?" Does it work and function? Is it fast? Does it get you where they need to go?


There will be code. Even with the best content management systems there will be code. Analytics? SEO? Databases? There will always be code. Want to utilize WordPress? There will be code.


It’s not the 50’s any more (or even the 90’s) — nearly everything is trackable and demands performance. Some choose to ignore (lucky them) performance and accountability. Why? Simply put, it is much easier (aka, less time and cost) to ignore those facets of production and measurement. Performance tenets to keep in mind:

  • Mark the starting line. Do not ignore past activity. Know where you came from and where you are going..
  • Set goals and limits. Lean on your developer or marketing firm to set expectations, wishes and dreams.
  • Always track. The web is built for visible footsteps. At a minimum, say, “GA” to your web developer and tie in Google Analytics to web, mobile, email marketing, ecommerce, etc.
  • Pay attention. Make sure you are familiar with activity, what is going on, and mark your calendar to take inventory — then do that: Take Inventory.

Time acts as a weapon while also required for success (similar to the stock market). Yes, if you “Rumpelstiltskin” the stock market with a few excellent companies, you’ll be thrilled 20 years from now. Not so much when it comes to your website, mobile initiative, business strategy or marketing plan.
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Our Portfolio : 25 years

Just a taste. Always enjoying the journey. Funny, our company is older than most dot com staffers.


Success on social is not simply random.


Responsive Design is no longer new, fresh or cutting edge -- it is a requirement.

Responsive Development

Responsive Design, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) across Google, Mobile Themes, Adaptive and Progressive Web Applications. Know where you want to go (or ask for a bit of help) and how to get there.

Web Design

Website design has expanded to include UI, UX, CX and that does not even include a mobile application initiative. Optimizing and delivering when it comes to user interface (UI), user experience (UX), and customer experience (CX) is never an easy undertaking because you don't know it's bad until your customers tell you so (or your employees, or your spouse and maybe even your dog).

WordPress, PHP, .NET, SQL

WordPress can be basic or extremely complex and that's before a website is even live. RDK Interactive builds, manages and extends WordPress driven websites along with other CMS, development and database platforms.


There is so much lying, scamming and trumping going on when it comes to SEO and online marketing that it can be overwhelming, even for an experienced tech person. Simply check your inbox and you've seen loads of veiled (and not veiled) threats about your website, email marketing campaigns, website content, SEO, SEM, etc. -- and when a firm knows what it's doing, it can be extremely refreshing (plus significantly more affordable) to get the results you want.


We never look for a pat on the back, but it's always fun to get a little bit of press.


It's always best to ask our clients. We know it's not our good looks (we haven't looked in a mirror for years). If we were to guess, it probably has to do with our expertise in the many facets of web development, strategy, media production, marketing, start-up ventures, mobile applications, security, networking and other skills we've spent decades building. That sound way too boring? In simpler terms, it could simply be trust.

mini-phoneWorkplaces are transitioning. Devices in the workplace are no longer classic desktop computers and work is performed anywhere and everywhere with tablets, cell phones and other mobile devices. Same applies to your customers, vendors, etc. Responsive design is one tool but mobile apps and other solutions may be advantageous — or overkill based on your company’s goals. Partner with a technology expert to drive your mobile initiative.


What is the different between UX and UI Design?

UX Design refers User Experience Design while UI Design is covered by User Interface Design, so basically User Experience vs User Interface. Both are crucial to the success of a solution such as website, mobile app or even a kiosk plus also applies to other experiences such as using and driving a vehicle, using a calculator and even a thermostat. It is common to ignore effective design to think that it will, “take care of itself”. Maybe think again.

What are your testing procedures when it comes to your website, front-end, back-end and other applications? Rules and standards in place for testing procedures? When application testing becomes an assumption and not a priority (or looked at as a necessary evil), problems will ensue.


“There is no fear for one whose mind is not filled with desires.”

The Buddha

Do What's Right

“One is not called noble who harms living beings. By not harming living beings one is called noble.”

The Buddha

Focus on What's Truly Important

“I will not look at another’s bowl intent on finding fault: a training to be observed.”

The Buddha

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Software Development
Web Design
Business Strategy & Finance
WordPress, .Net, SQL
Guerilla Marketing


Do you have a WordPress website that needs some assistance? Are you a start-up that needs help with web, mobile, marketing or strategy? Got a SQL problem? Need a mobile app built for iOS or Android? After well over 25 years in business, there isn't much we haven't done so just ask and let us know what you need (and if you're not sure what you need don't be afraid to say that out loud and we'll walk you through the unknown depths of technology).


What Do You Need?

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