You rarely find someone who doesn’t love tech these days. It ain’t the late 90’s where vaporware mattered and earnings did not, but we still all see how crucial technology is when it comes to running a business, regardless of its size. We find ourselves in an interesting time where we still all remember how the bottom dropped out of the market within the tech industry and now after reeling

Google the phrase, “iPhone vs. BlackBerry” and you’ll be presented with upwards of 150 million results. What makes this blog post unique? Well, I’m taller than most of the people who wrote those other comparisons, so that’s one thing. More importantly, this post outlines a more real-world approach versus a play-by-play comparison between Apple and RIM (maker of Blackberry). So is it time to hit the Apple store and swap

We all know about Contact Management, CRM, Sales Force Automation – the list of sales automation tools, applications and other tech advancements as defined by “the technology of selling” is endless. I am always amazed that sales managers and business leaders look for ways to improve the sales management process through technology, but not the other way around.  How about utilizing technology and science to improve the actual art of

The word “mantra” (originally from Hinduism and Buddhism) typically means a phrase or sound repeated to aid in concentration when meditating. I found that word to be a nice touch when it came to writing a blog on one of the most boring yet critical segments of technology strategies – backing up your data. The key is in the repetition. Match that up with “location, location, location” and you get two key

Could it be? Apple’s going the “faster, better, cheaper” route? The surprising component would be the cheaper piece, obviously. Odds are, you either stopped paying attention (intentionally) or are just plain tired of the ridiculous hype surrounding the “iPhone 5 leaks” and product launch details over the last few months. But the fact is, the leaks reveal what are common-sense “must-haves” when it comes to the latest mobile landscape powered

Is that a dot on your new LED TV screen or a shadow? Is that new Dell Optiplex screaming, literally? Is it making a high-pitched sound whenever you boot up? Maybe you love that new laptop, tablet or LED TV. Maybe you are one those intense engineering types and you love your new 3D printer. It was calling your name and now something’s wrong … seriously wrong. Did you buy

The following are real-life scenarios: “LinkedIn hacked me!” “I am seeing a list of all people I have ever exchanged email with on LinkedIn – and have never given LinkedIn my password (and I even use a different password for both LinkedIn and Gmail and I have not granted LinedIn access to my account.  What’s going on?” We get calls and e-mails like these all too frequently these days with

Jobs is gone (and this time he won’t be back)…at least I’m 99% sure of it.  Let’s face it, our world feels different.  Whether you were a fan of Steve Jobs or not, there’s no denying the fact that Apple changed the world (if you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend checking out this commencement speech).  I have always described Apple products as simple, yet able to deliver a level of