The Pros of Google:

  •  You can now have a branded Google+ Business Page.  Finally.
  • You can participate in the discussions of the Google+ profiles who have circled you as your Page.  You can post as your Page within their thread and get more exposure for your Page.
  • You can tag Pages and Profiles as your Google+ Page.   One strange not is that it looks like you can tag people and pages who haven’t circled you yet.  Not sure how this works but I’m pretty sure if you start tagging the whole world you are going to be blocked pretty darn quick.  Since other Pages don’t get notifications (see Cons below), I don’t know how they see that you have tagged them other then if they follow your Page.

The Cons Of Google:

  • The Business Page has to be tied to one personal account.  You can’t have multiple admins.  **Update, now you can have multiple admins.  Ahhhh!
  •  No transfers of Business Pages between accounts.  Make sure you aren’t going to fire the person who creates your company page.
  • No vanity URLs.  You have some crazy-long Google+ Page name that no one can remember.  The search function is much better than Facebook (of course it is- it’s Google!) so you can find Pages easier.  You can also use a shortner like to make it easier.  Or you could also make a redirect on your own website like: if you wanted.  Here’s the Grandma Mary Show Page if you want to circle me up:  It’s a doozy.
  •  You can’t circle people as your Page until they circle you first.  So you won’t get their updates in your stream until they circle you.  You can however, circle other Pages as your Page without them having to circle you first.
  • Pages don’t receive notifications in the Google bar.  I did get an update on my phone App and a e-mail when someone tagged my Page so that is good.
  • You can’t run a contest or give away coupons on Google+.  You can post links to other sites where your contest or coupons are hosted.
  • You can’t customize a Google+ Page with apps.